If you aren’t Jewish, the words “Arbah Minim” may sound Greek to you, but they actually refer to a sort of ceremonial bouquet used for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, which takes place between September 19 and September 26 in 2013. Of course, if you aren’t Jewish, you don’t really need this infographic on purchasing an Arbah Minim.

If you do need to put together an Arbah Minim though, this infographic has a lot of useful information to ensure yours is kosher. For example, the Lulav, a frond from a date palm tree, should be at least 15″ long, should not be bent and the tip should be in tact. You need three Hadass, bows from the myrtle tree, but these are often sold prepackaged and certified kosher. You can also find tips on purchasing your arava, branches from a willow tree, and esrog, a citron fruit, for your Arbah Minim as well.

arbah minim


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