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How to Beat the Heat Without Air Conditioning

Summer heat can be downright oppressive and while the season is over half way over, the worst weather tends to be in August. While plenty of people just tend to fight warm weather by cranking up their air conditioning, plenty of others don’t have air conditioning or prefer not to use it for environmental or financial reasons.

For those who can’t or won’t turn on the A/C, this Tree Hugger article has a lot of great suggestions on how to fight the heat the same way people did before air conditioning was even invented. A few of their many tips:

  • Dress for the heat -if you live by yourself or with a romantic partner, you might even consider strolling around the house in just your underwear
  • Install awnings -less sun going through your windows means less head in your home
  • Use a fan -in many cases, a fan will leave you feeling just as cool as an A/C only without the massive bills
  • Cook outside -there’s a reason summer is the perfect season for barbecuing

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