Honey: The Original All-Natural Remedy


While alternative therapies are not for everyone, honey is a great adjunct to anyone’s home medicine cabinet. Not only is it recognized in modern healthcare for its wound healing properties, honey can even fight bacteria. Here is a good rundown of the benefits of using honey in medicinal applications.

Some variations of honey are better for this purpose than others. But how does it help heal the body? Well, in terms of antibacterial properties, honey’s high sugar content can literally dehydrate bacteria. Also, with the help of the body’s own enzymes, honey can produce a substance that actively destroys microbes. This substance is hydrogen peroxide, which is the same chemical used for medical purposes every day.

The benefits of honey are worth looking into, so if you would like to add this all-natural remedy to your first-aid kit, cruise on over here to learn more.

Honey as Medicine – Prevent Infection, Kill Bacteria, Promote Healing |

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