Holy smoke! It's a Mug... a Pen Holder... a Message Board... Nope... It's All of The Above!


When I stumbled upon this one of a kind product, I got excited like a little boy. You see I love jotting down my thoughts as they appear on my mental screen while relaxing and sipping my brew. It’s true what researchers say, when your mind is relaxed and on a stand still, you often have bright ideas you can’t afford to just let slip away. Once they pop in your head, you have to hurry and catch them like bubbles that may pass by your vicinity and be gone forever. You know, you have to smack them quickly to burst them before they fly away from your reach.

It’s because capturing these magical thoughts spells the difference between being mediocre and being extremely successful. Especially for entrepreneurs and writers, this creative ritual is sacred. Many of the best business ideas and book ideas were born on periods like this, so this product might look ordinary but actually it’s an indispensable memo tool. Dry Wipe Memo Mug from Luckies of London is up for eager grabs. Thanks to The Gadget Flow for covering this product.

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