Every specific year has its own remarkable event or a number of events that make it one of a kind. The events, in turn, make that particular year memorable.

Let’s look at some years with events that can’t be ignored. 1969 has 2 astronauts landing on the moon. Actually, it was mankind’s first step on the moon. The 1930s were the years of the great depression. Ok, ok, it was October 29, 1929 when the US stock market crashed. This devastating financial catastrophe marked the beginning of the great depression. However, the 1930s were the years most identified as the years of major economic downturn, not 1929.

Let’s jump to the 90s. 1990 was marked by the gulf war. 1995 is unforgettable because of the Oklahoma City bombing which made headlines everywhere during the time. 1997 is significant mainly because it was the year when Princess Diana died.

How about 2013? What events made the year? Designed by Mario Zucca and published by beutlerink, here’s an illustration of the year 2013.


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