Discarded junk can be recycled and put to some good use around your house. With growing concern for environment, every effort needs to be made to reuse and recycle.  One of the best places in your home to reuse stuff is the garden. Not only does it add a rustic touch but also keeps your home clutter free.

Do you have ladders lying about the house that have seen better days? It is time to open that old closet full of things you never thought could be used again. The wooden shutters that were worthless until yesterday can be used to hang flower pots and add earthy look to the garden.  Bring out the old containers and with little treatment they can serve as planters.

There are so many interesting gardening tips that have been put together in this infographic by Purely Shutters. This summer, make your own contribution to conserve mother nature!


Featured photo credit: Purely Shutters via goo.gl

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