We want to educate our kids so they can make the best decisions in life, but trying to teach kids about saving money can be difficult. You want to make the lessons fun, but you also want to make sure they retain the information so they can make good financial decisions later on.

Ask your children to list down all the things they could do if they get a $50 or $100 bill for a day: 8 Tips for Raising Moneysmart Kids

While US News has some ideas on fun ways to teach kids about saving money, I find Pardon My Poppet’s suggestions to sound far more interesting for youngsters while still retaining the important lessons revolving around financial responsibility. One thing both sites note is that kids respond better when they can actually see the money in question, so you shouldn’t buy them a standard piggy bank. Instead, try using a clear bank or jars so they can watch their savings accumulate in front of their eyes.

Original Source – Pardon My Poppet

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