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Get Going With The Morita Therapy

Get Going With The Morita Therapy

The Morita Therapy is a simple model of psychology that says you can’t really overcome or abolish those inner problems, like fear and perfectionism, so you must accept and work with them.

This is particularly true, as stated in this article from Experience Life Magazine, when dealing with procrastination and project management. Whatever it is preventing you from getting started on something, you’re best bet is to accept the shortcoming and work through it.

Working with fear is a skill. What are some of the skills you’ve acquired in your lifetime — typing, driving a car, yoga, music. Competence requires practice. When you first tried to drive a car with a manual transmission, how many times did you jolt the car forward as you let out the clutch too fast? But with practice, you learned to do it smoothly, naturally. Mental health skills require the same regimen. Skill development comes from practice and practice requires effort.

I don’t think it’s necessary to become familiar with works of Dr. Shoma Morita; but understanding how to deal with the things that are stopping your progress is an important skill. The idea is there.

Facing the Demons of Inaction: Morita Therapy as a Resource for Moving Forward – [ToDoInstitute]

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