Sometimes I wonder why a large part of the world’s population is terribly sick when foods that have healing powers abound everywhere. Many of us are obviously not adequaintly informed about these foods, or else more people would be walking around with robust health. A good suggestion is… we just need to be vigilant to seek out information relating to these eatables that can help us improve our health. It’s a wonderful thought isn’t it–eating the right diet equates better health.

Gout, arthritis, rheumatism, or anemia? No worries, just add cherries to your regular diet and you’ll be relieved of the symptoms. Take advantage while they’re in season. Want to know how much you need to eat? A daily serving will suffice.

How about the hypertensive among us, or those who are afraid of contracting heart ailments? Just add one or two pieces of guava to your diet and you’ll feel brand new.

If anti-oxidants are what you want, eat onions. They have super antioxidant power. They contain quercetin. These natural anitihistamines reduce inflammation in air passages and help relieve symptoms of allergies and even hay fever. How much do you need? Go check the chart again.

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