FireAnt: The Only Camp Stove You'll Ever Need


FireAnt is a camper’s best friend.

The stove is the first of its kind, making your camping experience comfortable and stress-free.

For those who are concerned about space, the FireAnt is collapsable and can fit in tight parts of a camping bag. No more bulky stoves or heavy canisters.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature of the convenient stove is its ability to use natural fuel. Using natural, nearby wood you can keep the fire going as long as you want! For the environmentally-friendly, this is the strongest asset of the amazing camping tool.

Furthermore, you don’t have to mess with unpredictable gas. The FireAnt is designed to last and withstand extreme heat under compromising conditions. Made out of titanium, the stove can hold over 100 pounds of pressure. Now that’s impressive!

Will you be bringing a FireAnt stove with you on your next camping trip?

The FireAnt Multi-fuel Backpacking Stove | Kickstarter

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