Everything You're Doing to Stay Warm is Wrong


When the weather turns frosty, and the temperature falls into the single digits, people try to figure out any way they can to stay warm, but most of the time they’re just doing it wrong. For instance, when people feel lonely they are more susceptible to the cold, but since coldness is all in your mind there are ways to meditate and control breathing which will make you feel more comfortable in the cold. Men and women feel cold at different temperatures, and the old standbys warm beverages and alcohol don’t actually help you stay warm, they’re just placebos with temporary effects. A few things you might be doing wrong:

  • Alcohol doesn’t help keep you warm
  • Hot drinks might actually cool you off
  • Your body heat doesn’t escape through your head
  • Wearing white might help you stay warm

Huffington Post | Everything You’re Doing to Stay Warm is Wrong

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