Don't Wait Till Old Age - Retire Now

Don’t Wait Till Old Age - Retire Now

The recently sold Slacker Manager has something to say: Retire Now. Don’t wait for that retirement package and don’t wait until old age. Something that should be said right off the bat is that retiring apparently doesn’t mean giving up work.

  • Retire now does not mean you stop working. It means you work at what interests you and what you care about.
  • Retire now means you stop always trying to climb up the career ladder and enjoy being on the rung.
  • Retire now means you don’t always have to be connected or respond to each email within 22 seconds.
  • Retire now means you can take full satisfaction in what you have done in your life, even at 22 years of age!
  • I guess I’ve retired. How about you guys? Is retirement just a state of mind or is it something to work towards?

    Retire now: Weave retirement into your work even if you are in your 20s – [SlackerManager]

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