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Don't Have a Corkscrew? Here's How to Open a Wine Bottle Using a Cork and Super Glue

Picture this: you’ve just purchased or received a nice bottle of wine that you want to enjoy by yourself or with some friends, but you don’t have a corkscrew to open it with. What do you do? There are a few methods you can use like hitting the bottle of the bottle or using some sort of tool like a knife or hammer.

Those methods are great if you can get them to work, but this video shows you another way, which for some may be even easier. With this method, you can open a wine bottle using an old cork and super glue. Of course you’ll have to wait for the super glue to dry, but that usually only takes around 10 – 15 seconds. At the 1:02 mark you’ll see an important tip. If at first the cork won’t budge, this tip will surely come in handy.

This trick is also great if you do have a corkscrew, but the cork won’t seem to budge. What technique do you use to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew?

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