Renewing how your home looks and feels can be costly and takes planning. We spend a lot of time at home and how it looks is something we can be fiercely proud of, which is why we want to maintain and keep a modern look, yet keep it comfortable to live in. This Lesson, which is a part of our premium Lifehack Lessons service will provide you a good process on how to set about identifying what needs to be updated and how to decorate on a budget in an organized manner. It also provides useful tips for common decoration problems and useful resources to help you through the choices you need to make.

Here’s a look at the lesson introduction:

Your living environment has great impact on your quality of living.

Think of all the popular axioms about home. “Home is where the heart is.” A man’s home is his castle.” “A home is a sanctuary”. Even Dorothy in the ever-popular Wizard of Oz reminds us, “There’s no place like home.”

It’s important to design and create a space where you are comfortable, inspired, and able to enjoy your leisurely hours with family and friends. Your home offers refuge from the world. Not to mention, traveling in today’s economic times can be expensive, and the safety of air travel is a concern for some; which has made “stay-cations” more popular than ever before.

If you’d like to make the most of your home, while spending the least amount of money, this lesson is for you. You’ll discover tips, tools, and techniques to make your place more attractive, functional, expressive, and a source of pride.

There’s an extended guide that covers the basics, how to identify your goals, decorating tips and strategies and reducing clutter. Decorate on a budget and make your home the place you love to spend time in. This lesson is free for the first 7 days for you to try out. If you like Lifehack Lessons, it only costs $4.99 per month to get access to all the lessons.

Editors Note: This Lesson is written by Jennifer Brown Banks

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