Debunking 10 Common College Myths


As college educations become more expensive and the increasing number of college graduates make possessing a degree less special, many potential students have began to wonder whether the experience is actually worth it at all. With so many college myths out there, it’s important to sort out the fact from fiction when deciding whether or not a college degree is worth the investment of time and money it takes to earn. This infographic manages to debunk 10 of the most prevalent college myths.

A few of the biggest college myths are that most students graduate in four years and that student loans will only follow you a short while after college. In reality, approximately 58% of students graduate in six years, which can tag an extra 50% of your total college budget onto your expenses. Additionally, student loans can follow you through much of your adult life -most students don’t finish paying off their loans until they’ve been out of school for 15 years.

While many people still find their college degree to be a worthwhile investment, these are still important considerations to make before you enroll.

college myths debunked

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