Living in a small apartment has it’s advantages and disadvantages. One of those disadvantages is limited space; there never seems to be enough. If you have ever lived in a small apartment, then you know that you really have to make every inch count when it comes to the placement of your furniture and organization. There’s nothing worse than a small apartment that looks even smaller because it’s cluttered or decorated wrong.

This infographic gives great examples on what you can do to really maximize the space and make your small apartment look larger and more open. For instance, sofas and tables with rounded and curved edges will make your apartment appear less box-like. Also, a well lit apartment will appear bigger, so you should make sure that ever corner has ample light.

Creative Ways to Decorate a Small Apartment Infographic

Another great tip is to know your limits. You really shouldn’t use large pieces of furniture in a small apartment, it’s the easiest way to shrink your apartment. Many stores now sell furniture that is made especially for small spaces, making it easier than ever to use your small space wisely. What is your favorite tip for small apartment living?

Creative Ways to Decorate a Small Apartment | Home Consignment Center

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