Cristen Conger of Stuff Mom Never Told You – which I highly recommend if you’re interested in more of this sort of stuff and women’s issues – recently sat in with DNews to discuss the effects that Barbie has on young girls’ body image. Barbie’s ridiculously out of proportion and unattainable figure has received a lot of criticism in the past but has been challenged again more recently following the creation of more realistic dolls such as ‘Lammily’ a doll created solely to promote realistic body image.

How Does Barbie Influence Body Image | DNews

Lammily – Average Is Beautiful | Nickolay Lamm

Having grown up surrounded by images of thin, tall female bodies such as Barbie and Disney Princesses I think it’s about time more positive, realistically-bodied influences such as Lammily were at least an option for children so they are aware that there is not one specific body type to aspire to or glorify.

What do you think?

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