Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health. So why do people still do it?

Some say it’s an escape from stress, while others simply picked up the habit without thinking about it. There are also those who do not understand the staggering health statistics behind smoking.

Knowing such facts can help smokers make a life-changing decision to stop once and for all. This infographic aims to educate those who have turned a blind eye to the dangers of smoking. The truth is, smoking isn’t just harmful to the smoker. It is also deadly for the people the individual comes in contact with on a regular basis.

Children, relatives and loved ones aren’t exempted from 2nd hand smoke.

As a smoker in my college days, I understand how hard it is to stop. An effective tip that helped me quit is prioritizing something over smoking (health, savings and etc).

Facts About Smoking [infographic] | Daily Infographic

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