In the past decades napping has been frowned upon as an activity that’s only indulged in by lazy people. But that has all changed since recent studies have discovered the many benefits of cat naps.

Today, more developments have proven the many benefits of napping. One of them which always come to mind is the ingenious idea of building nap rooms for workers to combat fatigue. One private organization that is a prime mover of this trend (a desirable one) is Huffingpost. This company invested on futuristic nap pods to cuddle their employees. These sleeping quarters are aptly called EnergyPods!

According to Arianna Huffington, sleep is a performance enhancing tool. With that comment captured in a TV interview, I can surmise that the investment she puts on those nap corners are well worth it. Why? The average US citizen gets 6.9 hours per night, which is not bad, but also not ideal. Experts say, 8 to 9 hours of sleep is required by the body to function at maximum level. Based on these facts, the nap pods spells the difference in performance levels. And this, ultimately, enhances productivity.


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