There have been numerous campaigns and documentaries displaying the horrific treatment of animals, take Food Inc. for example: an in-depth look into animal cruelty in the food industry. You may also know a few vegetarians who are more than happy to guilt you out of a cheese burger: overall it feels as though there is no progress happening to help eliminate animal cruelty. But that’s not the case! As shown in this video, HSUS’ ‘Working To Protect Farm Animals’, it’s clear that we are taking steps to create a cruelty free world.

Now, I am not a vegetarian. Like most of us who eat meat, I don’t do it as I’m ignorant of animal cruelty or don’t care about it, it’s simply because I’m allergic to basically everything that’s healthy for us and if I didn’t eat meat I’d find it very difficult to have a healthy diet. I do however ensure I don’t eat meat for at least one day of the week to do my bit and I always look for the least cruel brands whilst shopping. What’re your opinions on eating meat?

Working To Protect Farm Animals | HSUS

Featured photo credit: Working To Protect Farm Animals | HSUS via

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