Bringing Accountability to Dieting


Losing weight or just trying to eat healthier is never an easy task, but having friends and family to support you and hold you accountable is far more helpful. However, in most situations, they aren’t going to be around to help you maintain the diet that you know you is right. In those cases, dosIQ can provide ample support.


Currently a web and smart phone app, dosIQ allows users to take pictures of their food, follow one another and use dietary tags (think paleo, primal, low carb) in order to be held accountable by the other members. Hoping to change their own diet and habits, creators Jason Nunnelley and Jaythan Johnson sought a solution that could help everyone in their own dietary quest. Anyone in search of a way to hold themselves accountable from a dietary perspective, should utilize this great app.

Available on iPhone and Android. [dosIQ website]

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