Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how do different people from around the world eat in their morning meal?

Eating breakfast every day makes you 34% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes later in life, and 43% less likely to be obese. Those who don’t eat breakfast get their sustenance from sweets, soft drinks, 45% less vegetable and 30% less fruit. Kids who eat breakfast score 17.5% more on average then kids that don’t.

The top breakfast foods in the USA include coffee, cereal, eggs, fruit and breakfast sandwiches. What’s everybody eating for breakfast around the world? In Australia, fewer than 10% eat a cooked breakfast, preferring to eat Vegemite on toast whilst in India, they eat bowl shaped pancakes filled with spicy sauces and eggs called Appam or Hoppers. Malaysians eat Nasi Lemak, their national dish made of coconut, cucumber, rice, anchovies, peanuts and a hard-cooked egg.


Breakfast From Around The World | Chef Works

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