Better Understanding Composting


Composting your trash to reduce your household waste is a great idea and an earth-friendly way to create fantastic soil for your garden. But if you’ve never tried composting before, the process can seem a bit daunting -after all, if you just start throwing all your trash in a pile, you won’t have a compost pile, but a health hazard. Luckily, this useful infographic is a great tool in better understanding composting.

The easiest rule to remember when it comes to understanding composting is that if it comes from plant matter, it’s probably OK to compost -and that includes newspapers and cardboard. A few other things you can include that aren’t plant-based are pet hair, egg shells, dryer lint, fireplace ash and the waste from animals who eat plant-based diets.

Plastic, dog and cat waste, charcoal, meat scraps, dairy products, and oils are all big no-nos when it comes to composting. Items treated with pesticides also must be left out, not for the sake of keeping compost organic, but because pesticides will kill the insects that help compost breakdown.

understanding composting

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