If you’re considering taking up studying another language, you might be concerned with whether or not the time, effort and money it takes to become bilingual will pay off in the end. The answer, of course, is overwhelmingly, yes. This infographic can help you understand the many benefits of bilingual language skills.

Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to speak to others and having increased job opportunities available, bilingual people also experience a number of cognitive benefits, such as increased spacial abilities, better memory skills and they are better at multitasking as well. Aside from this, bilinguals feel more connected to other cultures and for those children who come from two separate cultures and learn two languages early, this can even drastically increase self-esteem and the likelihood of success in areas of education.


Why It Pays to Be Bilingual | Voxy Blog

When someone asks you if it’s better be bilingual, the educated answer is pretty much always going to be yes, but there are a few exceptions, depending on the specific situation. Is it Better to Be Bilingual?

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