What has the kind of drink produced by a country or a city got to do with its character or appeal? Well, it says a lot. If the drink the country is known for is smooth, a tourist may think that the country’s culture is relaxed and easy going. If it’s hard and strong, she might think the country’s populace is driven by passion. If a certain place manufactures the best soda, a visiting foreigner might strongly believe its people loves fastfood and embraces pop culture.

The data visualization Lifehack is presenting here explores the most popular drinks all over the world and the country that creates them better than anyone else. Have you tried Hawaiian Sea breeze while sunbathing on the beaches of Hawaii? If you want to have a taste of China, ask the  waiter for a glass of Maotai. When you are in the mood to try a drink derived from palms, I suggest you try Palm wine. The best palm wines in the world are made in The Philippines.

For years, companies have provided employees with free coffee, but more and more start ups have also started offering beer to employees as well. How Beer and Coffee Affect Your Brain

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