If you follow trends, then this incredibly gorgeous, highly-stylized video by Parisian motion design company 2 Factory will be an easy way to see if you are in or out with the current trends in France. If you could care less whether something is in or out though, the video is still great because it shows just how quickly things fall in and out of fashion.

According to the video, for example, digital cameras are out and analog is back in. Similarly, CDs are totally out, but vinyl is very in. It just goes to show that every thing that’s old is new again.

While most the video is in French, the icons are pretty self-explanatory, so you don’t need to speak the language to grasp the message of the video. Of course, one big cultural difference will continue to divide most English-speaking nations from the French -horse meat may be chic there, but in North America and England, it never even gets close enough to the hip scale to be in or out…it’s just outrightly taboo.


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