Are You On Auto-Pilot?

Coasting through life? Have you been following the same path since high-school? I’m not so righteous to assume this isn’t the right path for some people, but are you on auto-pilot?

In many circumstances, knowing where you will be in 5 years time is a good thing as it is a sign that you have direction, goals, and purpose. But if you know exactly where you will be, and it depresses you, it is time to wake up, grab control of the wheel, and change course. I have a few friends who studied accounting at university and yet hated the idea of becoming an accountant. Fast forward 5 years to the present and guess what? They are accountants, and they hate it.

I actually think this list, although helpful, is a little too broad. Do you think we could discuss more specific or habitual circumstances? Maybe personality traits that develop more ‘auto-pilot’ lifestyles and ways to break those kinds of patterns?

5 Signs You Are On Auto-Pilot – [IWillChangeYourLife]

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