Are you a Workaholic?


In a world where it is so easy to work from anywhere at anytime, the lines between your professional life and your personal life can blur very easily. Dana Mattioli gives her take on how to assess whether your professional life is taking over your personal life. The following are the five indiciators Dana believes can be used to determine if you are a “workaholic.”

Preoccupation with work. Workaholics typically have difficulty leaving the office while home or in social situations and are unable to “turn work off.”

Discomfort in delegating. Many workaholics are poor delegators because of their need to control.

Neglect other aspects of their life. Often workaholics put work before their families and personal lives.

Merge other parts of their lives into work. Because work is constantly on the brain, workaholics may try to create businesses based on their hobbies.

‘Sneaking’work. Workaholics, like other addicts, when confronted about their addiction, often try to hide it.

Five Signals That You May Be A Workaholic – [College Journal]

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