Are You A Man? 25 Skills To Prove It

Are You A Man? 25 Skills To Prove It

We’re not doing our job as men if we can’t fix a dead outlet or fillet a fish, right? You’re only as much a man as the amount of skills you have, so get cracking!

Popular Mechanics has 25 that every man should know, and you’ll notice none of them are anything like ‘configure a POP account’ or ‘validate CSS’.

Navigate With a Map and Compass
Though GPS may seem ubiquitous, it doesn’t work everywhere. Mountains and dense tree cover can knock out sat signals—and batteries can die. Here’s how to roam the backcountry with a compass and topo map.

These are actually very handy things to learn, and you’ll be pleased to know that each skill only requires a minute to read [or jot down in your Moleskine].

25 Skills Every Man Should Know: Your Ultimate DIY Guide – [PopularMechanics]

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