Antibiotics have saved countless lives globally.

There is no doubt that a world without them would be filled with more outbreaks and untreatable medical conditions. Because of this, the health and farming industry has started to use antibiotics extensively on animals.

As a result, some forms of bacteria has grown resistant to common antibiotics. Humans are required to use more powerful medicine to fight off conditions that are caused antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Unfortunately, powerful antibiotics can be harmful to the body.

With an already lethargic immune system, it can make you noticeably weaker physically and mentally.

The use of antibiotics on farm animals and humans is a controversial issue.

Those who are against antibiotics have benefited from them in the past and cannot deny the positive impact they have on the prevention of deadly diseases.

For more information about antibiotics, checkout the infographic.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: Antibiotics |

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