A Cheap and Multi-functional Egg Separator


Separating egg yolks can be a tedious task that often results in broken yolks and wasted eggs. Additionally, the traditional methods of using the egg shell or your hand often leave the yolks with a large amount of egg white on them, which can be problematic for certain recipes.

Fortunately, with a little suction, these problems can easily be avoided. Just look at how easy it is to use a water bottle as a fantastic egg separator:


Of course, the problem with this method is that not everyone has, or wants, an empty water bottle sitting around at home. There is a device known as the Pluck that works on the same basic principle, but as Alton Brown always points out, there’s no reason to have a single-use tool in your kitchen when a multi-use tool is available.

egg separator hack (2)

Enter Cookistry with the brilliant idea to use the suction ball from the end of a turkey baster instead. Now you have an egg separator and a turkey baster in one that can be easily stored and is dishwasher safe. And just look at how clean that yolk is.

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