8 Ways To Get The Most From Hardship

8 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Hardship

Sometimes I feel bad about referring you guys to Pamela Slim’s website, Escape From Cubicle Nation, so much. There is just some great stuff over there!

Such as her latest on overcoming ‘painful or awkward’ transitions in your life. These include things like losing your job, a loved one or retiring.

Embrace it. Instead of asking yourself “When am I going to get back to normal?”, be thankful that you are given an opportunity to reflect on your life and possibly come out with a new, improved, emotionally healthier you. You may not want to do this in public, but repeat the mantra “uncertainty is powerful and liberating!” as often as you can, and you may just begin to believe it.

8 Strategies to get the most from painful or awkward life transitions – [EscapeFromCubicleNation]

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