7 Tips For Moving

It’s hard to get used to moving, isn’t it? The Simple Dollar has a few really great tips for next time you have to move house/apartment/shack. Things I’ll definitely keep in mind myself.

Invite family and friends over a couple of days after you move. We actually found that an invasion of family and friends after the move helped us a ton. They moved furniture into appropriate places, cleared out tons of empty boxes, put stuff in appropriate rooms, assembled a desk, and so on. We went from feeling like there was a ton left to do to feeling moved in in just a few hours.

My 8th Tip: If you’re going to be waiting on something like a wardrobe, be resourceful. Organize your clothing when you pack them in boxes, turn them on their sides, stacked on top of one another after your move, and then use them as a shelf until you get some real furniture.

Have your own suggestions?

Seven Tips For Your Next Big Move – [TheSimpleDollar]

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