Accidents happen. That’s common knowledge. And so my grandma always tells me it’s best to be ready for anything, anytime. She adds, “Wear good undies all the time, you don’t know when you will be in an accident.” Funny, right? Although if you think about it, it’s a wise idea. That’s one survival tip not to be embarrassed in public.

Fortunately, we’re talking about serious survival tips here. Now, you might be someone who loves cycling, trail running, hiking, or you love the outdoors and you’re out camping this weekend with friends. If you’re doing this in a nearby farm, or the nearest outback, situations where survival skills are needed may strike anytime. If you’re not ready with any basic information on how to prevent yourself from dying, you’re in dire straits.

No worries, my post will share 7 life hacks that could save your life. But before showing you the tips, here’s one practical tip — leave a note. It must contain the following:

  1. Your destination.
  2. Who will go with you.
  3. How many days you’ll be away.
  4. When you plan to return.
  5. Your car information: model, color, make, plate number.

Time to show you the 7 life hacks that could save your life.


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