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Food and Drink

7 Superfood You Didn't Know Can Make You Live Longer

The average life expectancy of people in the world according to current statistics is 66.26 years. Based on this data, Females have a longer average life expectancy compared to males. It’s 68.35 years. Males on the other hand have a shorter life expectancy. They can live till they are 64.3 years old.

I, for one, want to live longer simply because I want to achieve more things in life and I want to travel and see more countries. I’m pretty sure you have the same sentiment as I do. Talking about living a longer life, emerging research on nutrition science, and scientifically collected data from people in their 90s and even older, shows that what we eat, when we eat them, and how we eat these foods has a huge impact on how long our life can last.

Would you want to know what to eat for a longer and healthier life? Check out the infographic on spot light from Lemongraphic. The one featured on Behance.


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