The following video contains 7 crucial things every guy should know about suits. Be it the length, the color variations, the size and even how many buttons, this video will have you picking a suit that makes you look sleek,charming, elegant and completely smashing.

Without a doubt in mind, the one type of menswear that is in season all year round are suits. Whether it be in the workplace, for a meeting or that special occasion quickly approaching it’s due date, owning and wearing the perfect kind of suit can do wonders for your personal image and confidence. Let’s recap the basic rules:

1. Don’t fake a suit

fake a suit

2. Buy two buttons coats

two buttons

3. Defeat pleats

defeat pleats

4. Stick to subtle colors

subtle color

5. Get the right size

get the right size

6. It’s all about the fit

all about the fit

7. A little tailoring goes a long way

goes a long

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