You’re working at a computer. It’s important. Seriously, think about your posture. I showed you Yoga At Your Desk yesterday, try this.

When you correct your posture, especially if you work at a desk all day, you’ll be rewarding yourself later in life. Back pain, stress etc. It all gets sorted. Try these seven tips.

3. Shoulders Back & Down. Slouching the shoulders leads to rounding of the upper back. This stresses your neck, elbows & wrists.
Whether you’re:

  • Sitting at your desk
  • Driving your car
  • Performing a Bench Press
  • Put your shoulders back & down. It will keep you in good health.

    7 Postural Habits To Make Now To Increase Your Health – [DumbLittleMan]

    This interesting diagram from Flickr’s Bluelephant was clipped from this article also.

    7 Habits To Improve Posture

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