5 Things You Don’t Want To Know About Self-Improvement

There’s an odd stigma attached to ‘self-improvement’. Usually associated with quick-fixes and Tony Robbins. However, the fundamental basics of self-improvement – improving one’s self – is something that I think does a lot of good for people.

One thing that I think should become common knowledge is how ‘self-help’ can work in different ways for different people. No one thing works the same for everybody, so you must get used to taking in a lot of information and filtering what would actually benefit your life.

That said, The Positivity Blog has written about 5 things you may not know about self-improvement; mostly focused around the idea that it isn’t easy and won’t fix anything quickly.

When you know it will take time to improve a part of your life and have realistic expectations everything runs smoother and you don´t get so impatient and give up before all your hard work really starts to pay off.

Five Things You Might Not (Want To) Know About Self Improvement – [ThePositivityBlog]

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