5 of the Most Ridiculous American Laws


Every country has laws that don’t really make sense, but the United States of America might just have the strangest. Each state has several laws that will make citizens ask, ¨Why in the world would this law be passed!?¨ Many of these laws are probably not truly enforced, but you never know! Be sure to avoid these illegal activities, no matter how insane they seem. Check out these ridiculous American laws for a laugh!

  1. In Georgia, it is illegal to keep a donkey in a bathtub.
  2. Nebraska‘s legislature has outlawed whale fishing. As a general law this is not so ridiculous, but this state is nearly a thousand miles from the nearest ocean!
  3. If you live in Maine, be sure to take down your Christmas decorations before January 14th. If they’re still up at this or a later date, you may face a fine!
  4. Residents of Tennessee may not share their Netflix passwords.
  5. In Ohio, getting a fish drunk is illegal.

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