40 Organization Hacks that Help You Become Clutter-Free


Still frantically trying to finish up your spring cleaning? Well if part of your yearly chore list includes improving the organization of your home, then this round up of 40 organizational hacks could certainly help you get things under control.

Use a magnet to organize your bathroom

While everyone will find different suggestions on the list to be more or less useful to their particular needs, I am big on the idea of adding a magnetic strip to your bathroom to organize your nail clippers, tweezers, Bobby pins and other metal do dads. Darkroom and Dearly has the scoop on how to install this beauty in your own home.

Dreamcatcher earring hanger

For women who have a hard time finding a place for their jewelery, there are quite a few suggestions, though few are quite as visually attractive as earrings stored on dream catchers. If you don’t want to buy your own dream catcher, you can even make your own by following the instructions in this tutorial.

Source – Brit + Co.

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