Owning a dog is a rewarding, heart-warming experience that can touch you for the rest of your life, but it’s not always easy. Fortunately, these 38 dog care hacks can make the entire experience that much easier and thus, more enjoyable.

Among the great dog care hacks in BuzzFeed’s list include using a carabiner to secure your dog’s leash around anything to keep him in place while you stop inside a shop while you’re on a walk, teaching him to file his own nails with a piece of sandpaper attached to wood, calming your dog during a storm with a dryer sheet and more.

The article also has some useful recipes for making your own flea shampoo, pill pockets to give your dog medicine without his noticing and frozen dog treats with sliced apple bits.

Original Source – Buzzfeed

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Featured photo credit: little cute boy playing with his dog in the autumn park via Shutterstock

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