If you are someone who likes to simplify things and believe that everything can be made better with a little ingenuity, then these lifehacks are just what the doctor ordered.

Did you know that you could make a drink ice cold in flat 3 minutes by following a simple trick? All you need to do is put your warm beverage in a pot, cover it with ice, add 2 cups of salt and fill it with water and Voila! Get free phone chargers, cancel your hotel reservations for free, and get access to free Wi-Fi on the airport and many more such hacks that can make life so much easier.

TheirToys.com, (an adult toy store, hence no redirect link) gets you an infographic with a list of interesting lifehacks that’ll make you want to try them at least once!

35 lifehacks for life


Featured photo credit: TheirToys via goo.gl

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