Internet is rife with lifehacks on just about every imaginable situation from cooking eggs to finding a hot date. While some of these are useful and do work well to save the day, the others just fall flat. The guys over at Mental Floss decided to put some of the popular hacks to test and see if they really deliver as promised. The results were a mixed bag really!

What worked perfectly is using Doritos to kindle a fire. Next time you are at a bon-fire, use your cheap bag of Doritos to keep the flame going. Also, chewing on a gum does prevent you from crying while cutting onions. So, there’s the good news!

If you’re looking for cheap iphone speakers, the toilet paper roll won’t do the trick. Also, if you don’t have a corkscrew to open your favourite bottle of wine, just return it back to the cellar ‘cos a hammer and nail might break your heart and the bottle!.

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