20 Unique Ways to Use Flour Around the House


Practically everyone has flour in their house, but it has a lot more uses than baking, frying foods and thickening sauces. In fact, you can not only use flour for all kinds of things around the house, it can even be useful for enhancing your beauty routine as well.

Some great ways to use flour around your house include:

  • Preventing jars from sticking when you open them
  • Polishing a stainless steel sink
  • Warding ants away from your home
  • Ripening avocados
  • Making homemade glue

As for your beauty routine did you know you can use flour to fight acne, dry shampoo your hair and as a facial mask? It’s amazing what a little flour can do. In fact, even those on a gluten free diet might find it useful to keep a little around the house for these purposes.

20 Unique Ways to Use Flour Around the House | HULIQ

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