20 Cool Ways to Hack Disposable Cameras


These days most people have moved on to using digital cameras, particularly the easily accessible ones in their phones. But there are some things a digital camera still can’t do, like make double exposures or create beautiful images from damaged film. Also, there are times where you might not want a digital camera around because there are too many hazards, like sand or water. That’s why disposable cameras are still nice to have around.

disposable cameras

Whatever the reason you may decide to work with a disposable camera, here are 20 cool suggestions on how to get your camera to work exactly how you want it to.

Want to make a double exposure? Smack it on your hand. Want your photos to look vintage? Damage the lens a little. Want your exposures to be colorized? Color the lens or out some clear colored tape over it.


Perhaps the coolest hack is the one that allows you to make a 3D photo? Tape two cameras together and take a photo with them at the same time. The process is a bit more complicated than the others, particularly since you have to put the photos in or photoshop the images in a stereograph to view the images together, but the result is well worth it.

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