Some travelers get stale experiences after several trips. All the traveling, going back to work, then traveling and going back to work again exhaustion, and at times, stress, have turned the basic rules of travel worthless. Yes we all know the “book plane tickets early”, and “bring only the essential” basic rules, but after the globetrotting spree, the going here and there tiredness, and studying diverse cultures fatigue, it has become just… yes, you’re right–boring routine.

If you want to get back on track, be energized once again,  and go exploring the world, yet another time, you’ve got to go to the travel gods. Those almost-immortals popularly known as master travelers, who, for some mysterious reason, have grown invisible wings and bionic feet. Even after a non-stop touring, they still can derive leisure and wisdom from each and every trip they indulge in.

If you answered yes, hop on this virtual plane, and learn how these journeying sultans make each travel become pure bliss by hitting the link:

16 Things Master Travelers Do Differently By Suzy Strutner via Huffington Post

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