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15 Delicious And Romantic Recipes For This Year's Valentine's Day

The best part of Valentine’s Day is the food, and I say that as someone who is in a happy relationship. Before labelling me as a cynic, think about it. Chocolate, heart candy, dinners – these are central elements to the whole Valentine’s Day experience. If you’re anything like me, you prefer a home cooked meal best of all, and that’s where these recipes come in. They’re the perfect solution when it comes to creating some truly delicious and romantic fare. Also, if you looked closely enough, you may notice that a lot of these recipes contain aphrodisiac ingredients, just in case you’re interested in the second best thing about Valentine’s Day.


I’ll take mine in bed, thanks.

1. Red Velvet Pancakes

Recipe Source

You may put on some weight just by looking at the recipe, but I can assure you that it’s worth it. What better way to start letting yourself go once securing your valentine?

2. Pink Waffles

Recipe Source

I’m really not much of a pink girl, but these are over the top enough for me to approve. Plus, I happen to one of those weirdos that rather likes things being sweetened and colored by beetroot juice. If that isn’t your jam, I suggest replacing it with pink food colouring.

3. Gordon’s Eggs Benedict

Recipe Source

I trust anyone that says things like “You’ve used so much oil, the U.S. want to invade the plate.” Plus, just being able to pull off a decent hollandaise is romantic as is.


1. Oysters Kilpatrick

Recipe Source

Oysters are already a traditionally romantic food, but adding bacon is always a bonus. As such, this makes for a lovely entree.

2. One Pan Salmon with Roast Asparagus

Recipe Source

Healthy. Simple. Delicious. Aphrodisiac. What else can I say?

3. Beef and Beer Pie

Recipe Source

Despite popular belief, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about the ladies. In fact, regardless of my ovaries, I would be delighted to be served this delicious comfort food. It would make for a nice counterbalance to the pink and red explosion we’re all subjected to during the day.

4. Spaghetti and Meatballs

Recipe Source 

This may not sound particularly romantic, but an endorsement from Lady and the Tramp is good enough for me.


Sometimes it’s preferable to skip straight to dessert…

1. Love Bug Biscuits

Recipe Source

This is a cute little recipe for the kids, who are sure to love them.

2. Valentine Cupcakes

Recipe Source

Because I’ll take any excuse to have a cupcake.

3. Cookie Dough Truffles

Recipe Source

Why buy a box of chocolates when you can make your own? They’re so much more thoughtful and delicious!

4. Chocolate Mousse

Recipe Source

Because, chocolate. Do you really need more of an excuse?


Because what’s Valentine’s Day without some cocktails?

1. Chocolate Indulgence

Recipe Source

A dessert and a drink in one glass…clearly this romantic beverage was invented for me.

2. Espresso Martini

Recipe Source

For those who may need the caffeine boost for later on…

3. Pink Lemonade Margarita

Recipe Source

A fresh and zesty drink to remind you of young love.

4. The Scarlet O’Hara

Recipe Source

One of the greatest dramatic love stories of all time combined with southern charm. Frankly my dear, I’ll take another.

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