12 Signs of Weakening Health You Shouldn't Ignore


If your latest visit to your doctor gave you shivers and proved you are not healthy because you are developing a certain form of cancer, or perhaps you had a stroke, or you were shocked to have had a heart attack. Furthermore, these life threatening events will most likely motivate you to make drastic lifestyle changes.

However, you might not know that your body can give you warning signs your health is getting poorer even before you’ll get sick. It’s just that sometimes you ignore them because you’re busy working on your promotion, or plainly enjoying your life. Yes, it’s true your body’s whispers are warning messages you must hear long before you are confronted with a debilitating disease. It will whisper to catch your attention, and if you don’t respond it will start yelling.

Here are some of the signs your health may be deteriorating.

1. Your sleep has poor quality.

During night time, the stress hormone cortisol is supposed to go down to the minimum levels. This will allow your system to slow down, rest, and recharge. Insomnia patients can’t sleep at night due to cortisol levels that are abnormally revved up after sun down. This can result from too many fight-or-flight stress responses in your body. When your body’s stress response is on, your body’s natural self-repair mechanisms are turned off. That’s why you get sick.

2. You are shrinking.

It’s absurd, you know your height is 5′ 8″, but when you went for a check up, you’re just 5′ 7″1/2. Nope, the stadiometer is not broken, you could be shrinking because your bones are starting to degenerate as a natural consequence of osteoporosis. Aging doesn’t necessarily mean bone loss. You can have healthy bones all your life as long as you make an effort to have natural calcium, vitamin D, and weight bearing exercises.


3. Your skin acts up frequently.

If you notice that you develop eczema, acne, or any other skin disorder frequently then it can mean not only that you are simply not taking care of the skin or using the correct products. You could be suffering from an allergic reaction or your body might be informing you that you’re experiencing too much stress and that you need to hit the breaks. The skin is the biggest organ in your body, so listen to what it’s communicating to you. The human body time and again uses it to express a cry for help and show signs that everything isn’t well and that you might be turning unhealthy.

4. You catch colds more than anybody else.

Everybody is exposed to viruses and bacteria on a daily basis, but healthy people should be able to combat these pathogens most of the time. If you catch that cold your friends have every time you mingle with them, or feel ill every time your kids get sick, your immune system could be in a bad condition. This can put you in a risky position and might help you acquire infectious diseases, or even life-threatening body yells like cancer. To help your system fight all kinds of common infection, you can download a free Self-Healing Kit. It includes the ebook 10 Secrets To Healing Yourself.

5. You resemble an apple.

Overweight people fall into only 2 categories: 1. “Apples”. These group of people carry their extra weight around the waist and belly, and 2. “Pears”. They carry their weight around the hips and thighs. Being overweight is one of the common whispers of your body indicating poor health. Take note, apple-shaped individuals are at a higher risk of heart problems compared to pear-shaped people.


6. When you pee, you see dark yellow.

It is crucial to your over all health condition to monitor your urine’s color as this can be a reliable indicator of your health. If you are well hydrated, your urine should look almost clear. On the contrary, if you’re drinking enough water and it still looks dark yellow, it may be a sign that you have kidney issues, and the waste is not being processed correctly. Do your best to increase your fluid intake and see if it will improve your condition. Make sure you only drink water, and if your urine is the same, visit your doc and let him check your kidneys.

7. You’re Anxiety laden.

It’s all in the mind… …you might say about anxiety. And it could very well be.

Anxiety can simply begin as just a feeling inside that ultimately affects the physiology of your body and may result to heart disease. However, anxiety can go in another direction. Feelings that can be described as anxious can be caused by sex hormone imbalances, adrenal tumors, hyperthyroidism, and more.

If you’re not sure what’s causing your anxiety, you can find out by asking your inner wisdom just what is it that’s making you feel anxious. Commonly, anxiety is the result of misaligned areas of your life. Meaning these areas are not congruent with what your true self desires. If you are anxious for no apparent reason, let your doctor check your hormones.


8. You are itch personified.

It might be caused by allergies or a common skin disorder. On the other hand, if the itchiness is more intense than normal, it could be your body’s whisper telling you you have a liver disease.

You can see the rest of the signs by checking this post: 12 Signs You’re Unhealthy That You Probably Ignore (But Shouldn’t) by Dr. Lissa Rankin via Mind Body Green

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