I am guilty of having a perfectly clean home and an overflowing and unorganized closet. This has been my downfall for years. The closet is one part of your home (and especially mine) that can get really messy, really quick. Take a look at these tips and see how the experts manage to conquer chaos and take back their closets:

Double Rods
You don’t have to get out the power drill or call a handyman to add a second rod to a closet. Hanging rods that hook over existing rails are a smart, inexpensive, and instant way to create extra room for short hanging clothes.

Valet Hook
Outside your closet, install a hook or a pullout rod for hanging dry cleaning before it goes into the closet or to plan outfits for parties, vacations, or the next day’s work.

There’s a good reason wire hangers are free: They’re basically worthless. If you want to prolong the life of your clothes, don’t keep them on wire or flimsy plastic hangers. Wood and padded hangers are the best ways to go for maintaining the shape of a garment.

Put all your purses in baskets and you’ll never be on your hands and knees searching for a runaway again.

12 Secrets of the Closet Pros – [Real Simple]

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