Have you started to cut calories and increase your daily exercise routine, but still haven’t noticed any change in your body? Well, while burning more calories than you consume is the most important step in weight loss, there are other factors that may make losing weight difficult, if not impossible.

When it comes to dieting, it’s important to remember to not only cut calories, but also reduce the number of carbs you intake as they are harder to burn, which can make losing weight more difficult. That’s also  why you should make sure you’re eating enough protein, but not too much fats. Lean protein is the best for those losing weight.

The way you exercise also matters. High intensity training can boost your metabolism, while more traditional forms of cardio can actually result in excess production of cortisol, which will increase your abdominal fat. Try doing intense sprints or sled work to get your heart rate up in short bursts, which is critical to increasing metabolism and losing weight.

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People want to lose weight really fast: Create the Habits of Staying Lean and not Fat

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